Racking and shelving are probably items you will be looking at if you have a business or are considering opening one involved in the manufacturer, storage or transport of goods. When running any type of business it is important that every aspect is tightly controlled not only to save costs but also to prevent you falling victim to thieves. As the business owner you are also accountable for what happens in your company and are responsible for the welfare and safety of your staff. This means that you have ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of their workplace and this is one thing you cannot outsource!

Is racking and shelving a waste of money?

You may think that buying the correct storage system is a waste of money but this is far from true. It is possible to buy second hand racking and shelving units although you must make sure they are suitable for what you want to use them for and that you are buying from a reputable source. You do not want all your pallets to collapse in a heap due to a malfunctioning shelving unit. This could kill employees not to mention cost you thousands in damaged stock.

Having the correct racking and shelving system in place is very important to keep costs down. There is a lot of wastage in most processing plants and some of this is accounted for by breakages and other damage sustained. If you do not have the proper storage solution in place you will sustain even greater damages. You must store heavy goods on pallets and store those pallets on proper pallet racking shelves. Your delivery trucks should be outfitted with an industrial racking system to allow ease of movement of both the raw materials and the finished product. Even if you do not make the goods but simply act as a commercial agent you do not want to lose profits because boxes of goods were destroyed due to improper storage. You should always use properly qualified pallet truck operators as well.

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Proper shelving and storage helps keep profits up and costs down.

Having the proper storage process in your warehouse will also make stock taking easier to manage. Companies that maintain very loose controls over their stock are the ones that lose the most to thieves either the professional ones or the petty thefts attributed to workers. A pallet racking system allows you to keep control of the stock taking in a very simple yet workable way. When goods are not stored on the right racking and shelving they become impossible to manage if you stock them in large quantizes.

Thieves are not the only thing to worry about. With the cost of business finance increasing you do not want to tie up more money in stock than is required. Proper stock management means that you do not have thousands of dollars of stock sitting in warehouses charging you for storage. Or worse, you shouldn’t suddenly run out of raw materials which could cause your production line to lose momentum never mind the fact at you will probably not be in a good position to negotiate a discount on purchase of replacements. Your business can make more money not only by increasing sales volumes but also by managing stock levels properly via proper stock management systems including not only your computer but also the proper racking and shelving storage system. Keep an eye on your costs at all times but not to the point where it stops you making money.

Industrial racking and shelving principles can also be applied to the domestic home. You will install shelving of some description in your home most likely to display pretty ornaments or store books. Racking and shelving units may also be found in the garage or garden shed. Always follow installation instructions and make sure that you do not place heavy items on shelves not equipped to carry them.