Space is a constraint in these days as such the necessity of better utilization of available space is a fundamental issue. Shelving is not a new innovation to store and stock up articles, wood shelving has been there for ages. But, unlike olden times, now the demand is for maximization of storage space to be in pace with the modern ways of living. In homes, people keep articles and gadgetry many times more on an average in comparison to earlier days. So is the situation with commercial organizations and production houses. Shelving helps us tremendously to arrange and store the materials properly with the objective of accommodating more in less space, to preserve the possession and have easy access whenever needed. Now-a-days variety of material is use to make shelves like wire shelving, plastic shaving, steel shelving etc. including traditional wood shelving. However, the designing of these shelving are much thoughtfully done.

Each of the materials used for shelving has its own merits and demerits. The wood has been used for generations and certainly carries graciousness with durability and versatility. But, the stress on environment for indiscriminate felling of trees has resulted into serious depletion in availability of timber, nevertheless causing environmental damage. Due to these factors wood is expensive in these days. The situation has lead to finding alternative materials for shelving. Sleek linings and beautiful finishing using modern technology have provided alternative materials the desired elements of appeal and durability. Added advantage of alternate material s like stainless steel are the versatility of changing shape, easy adjustment, property of folding, load bearing capacity, resistance to moisture and high quality of lasting finish.

Wire shelving come in specific types, for example wire decking, wire racks, stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, chrome wire shelving, basket storage shelving and many more. Each of the types has its own distinct advantage for specific purpose it is designed. Chrome wire shelving is quite resistant to stress. The galvanized square wire mesh is recommended for windows screens in household situation. In the industries galvanized square wire mesh is good for straining or filtering purposes. The highly polished stainless steel shelving finds much use in food and pharmaceutical industries for its non reactive property.

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Due to economical advantage, the wire shelving has become much popular in modern homes. But, this type of shelving is equally popular in commercial organizations and production units. Wire shelving is quite elegant in looks and good in durability besides being versatile. In homes, wire shelving is used even in the living rooms due to smart looks; other places of use are kitchens and bathrooms.

The steel shelving come in two types namely mobile shelving and static shelving. Mobile shelving can be easily shifted from place to place. Static shelving is normally of heavy type to take larger loads. Shelving is used by all types of commercial and manufacturing houses for variety of specific purposes like display, storage, office record maintenance and several other uses for space management. Basic purpose of heavy static shelving is for industrial storage. The demand for shelves is on the rise.

Connor Sullivan recently purchased shelving online for a kitchen project he is working on. He also purchased wire shelving to use in his kitchen pantry.

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