There are various shelving and storage solutions on the market so how do you know which one is right for you. The answer is probably a combination of all types as the storage needs and corresponding solution often varies from room to room.

Shelving and storage solutions for the kitchen

Your kitchen shelving storage should be predominately air tight containers. These need to be suitable for use with food and not made of materials that pests can access. Glass, non reactive metals and plastic are the most common materials used when designing kitchen storage solutions. If you are keeping food you will want the container to be air tight or preferably vacuum sealed in order to keep the contents as fresh as possible. Don’t be tempted to store things for too long though as all food stuffs have an expiry date and you do not want anyone becoming ill.

Shelving storage containers can also be used in kid’s rooms to help keep their toys tidy. If you have kids you will understand that it sometimes seems as if the toys can move of their own accord. They get everywhere and it can be a real pain trying to keep a playroom tidy. Teaching your kids to return things to their rightful places is a great lesson and will help them in their own homes later in life. This is easier to achieve when you have enough storage containers so that you can have a separate box for Lego, dinosaurs, dolls, dinky cars etc.

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Wall shelves and bookcases are not the only storage solution for a bedroom

Bedrooms also benefit from well thought out shelving and storage solutions. Wall shelves and bookcases can be used to store books and magazines. Under the bed storage containers are a great way to utilize that unused space. Spare bedding and other bulky materials can take up much needed room so it is handy to be able to put them in sealed boxes under the bed. All you have to do is vacuum the outside of the box on a regular basis to keep everything clean. Just be sure the bedding is completely dry before storing and you may want to add some lavender leaves to keep things smelling nice. If you have some spare cash you may want to consider investing in a linen box to keep at the bottom of your bed. There are some beautiful models around including antique or reproduction models.

You can find some very innovative storage solutions for your wardrobe as well. If your wardrobe is currently overflowing have a complete clear out. Get rid of those items you will never fit into again regardless of how many diets you go on. If they are in good condition donate them to a charity. Otherwise take them down to the recycling area so that they are be used again. If you have good quality clothes that you no longer wear you may want to consider arranging a swop evening with your friends. If a group of you get together to swop your unwanted but great outfits, you will have a lot of fun plus you may get a change of wardrobe without spending any money. We all need ways to make our cash go further and when you can combine this with some fun it is worth trying.

Stackable bins or boxes are suitable for use in most rooms in your home and will meet your need for storage and shelving solutions. You can use them in the garage and garden shed as well. Just don’t be tempted to store stuff that you will never use again. That is a waste of space no matter how effective the storage solution is. Learn to recycle!

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