Shelves are a great thing, the best way to save space in your house and increase your chances of keeping an orderly and clean place is having shelves, in most cases shelves are better than closets just because they present you with a better way to organize things and the accessibility to the things on the shelves is easy.

Setting up selves in a room is not a complicated thing, but you will need to think things over before you actually set the shelves up, the main purpose of the shelves is an important issue, if the shelves should hold light things or if these are shelves that will have to hold many books and heavy items. Some people like to set up shelves in garages and workshops meaning that the shelves should be made of a strong and sturdy material, in these cases steel shelves are the best solution, you can not go with a stronger option to steel, and you can place almost anything on steel shelves.

In most cases people use shelves in rooms, this means that on average the shelves are used to keep personal items that need to be accessible to the person who is living in the room, in this case you should consider wood shelves that are great for because you can change their looks and paint them, or decorate them as you like, but the durability of regular wood shelves is not very strong and you should also bare in mind that if you want to keep a lot of things out and accessible you should consider a few shelves and not only one. In the case you want to install a few shelves you should think carefully about how you are going to set them up, on one hand you do not want all four walls to be covered with shelves, on the other you should not have only one wall dedicated to shelves and items to prevent you from having a museum feeling in your room.

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The one room you should think very carefully about when considering shelving is your living room, although shelves are extremely practical they sometime do not go with the overall feeling of a living room, this is dependent of a few factors, the first crucial factor is the size of your living room, a large living room have a better chance of not being effected by shelves because of its space, a smaller living room will not look good if you place shelves on more than one wall, but sometimes a small living room can use shelving to create a larger space on the other sides of the room, thus solving the space problem.

Shelves can help in putting order and making a house look better, it is all a question of how you use them and where do you locate your shelves, the action of shelving itself is not very complicated but does require some experience and knowledge so be sure you know what you are doing before you start shelving.

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