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There are a number of advantages to open back shelving which include: allowing air to circulate well reducing the danger of mildew on the stored items, letting light shine through them and ease of use as you can place and retrieve items from both sides. Here’s a short review of some of the latest open back shelving styles:

The Open-back Bookshelf in Honey Pine is a beautiful piece of furniture which would certainly add a touch of class to any home or office. The wood shelving style is simple and contemporary but warm owing to the lovely rich honey color. Open shelves in a light colored wood finish always bring a modern atmosphere to a room. This open shelving bookcase is 42″ high and has three display and storage shelves. You can buy the Honey Pine shelving unit from Bookcases and Shelves online for $75.77 discounted from $108.25.

If you like a practical and utilitarian style the Seville Classics Wrought Iron 3 tier Square Metal Shelving Unit would be perfect for your home. It has a very modernistic look and would be a useful and stylish addition to your storage shelving. This is an open back shelving unit made of steel with a wrought-iron frame that you can fold flat when you’re not using it.

There’s a retaining bar around the shelves to stop things falling off. I think that this unit would be good for pantry shelving and bathroom shelving, as well as for anything else from blankets to books! The color finish is pewter gray and the dimensions are 11.25″W x 13″D x 44.25″H so it’s a tall thin shape that’s very good for small rooms. You can buy the Seville Classics Open Back shelving unit from Target online and it costs $19.99.

Open shelving looks good in offices as well as homes and this Jonti Craft Open wood shelving system would be very good for office storage. The unit has deep 30″ shelves which allow plenty of storage space and it would also be a good storage unit for a child’s bedroom as it would hold even the largest toys. It’s made from wood and the finish is an appealing pale sunshine color. The Jonti Home or Office Shelving unit can be bought from and costs $150.53.

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Probably one of the most popular applications for open back shelving is for displaying items in stores. The Nexel Add-on Wire metal shelving unit has open wire truss-reinforced shelves which are front to back welded with surface ribs to make them strong. Open shelving is especially useful in stores as it doesn’t block the light from the windows entering and it minimizes dust and moisture accumulation.

This type of commercial shelving is easily adjustable and expandable to provide flexible storage space. The dimensions are 74″H x 24″W x 48″L and the finish is chrome plate. You can buy the Nexel Open Back Shelving Unit from Instaware online at the price of $216.79 discounted from $421.00 which is a saving of a massive $204.22.

Open back shelving is also used extensively as metal shelving in garages and workshops, where a good circulation of air is vital to stop mold growing when the premises are closed up at night and it gets very cold and damp. Open wood shelving is used in libraries not only to allow easy access, but also because of the risk of mildew damaging the books. In the home or office wood open back shelving solves many storage problems whilst keeping the decor modern and trendy!


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