Pallet rack shelving is commonly found in warehouses and other industrial settings. There isn’t much call for this size and type of shelving in the usual domestic home. As the name implies these shelves are used to store pallets full of goods. As these pallets can be very heavy the shelving is usually made of steel piping or similar materials. Another good safety feature commonly used is cast iron netting to prevent them from falling over the edge of the shelves.

Where is pallet rack shelving used?

Pallet rack shelving is used in a number of commercial operations such as the textile industry when mass producing clothing. Given the quantity of material the process uses, this will tend to be stored in the warehouse on pallets. Once it is cut and sewn into clothes, the clothes will be packed up in boxes, put back on pallets and taken back to the warehouse for onward delivery.

Industrial pallet shelving

Trucks have been outfitted using industrial pallet shelving. This achieves a couple of outcomes. It is possible to move large quantities of stock by simply having the pallet truck operator move the pallets direct from the pallet rack shelving to the truck and vice versa. This saves on a lot of packing and unpacking thus reducing costs. It is better for the environment as it cuts down on the requirement for lots of packaging. You also reduce the amount of goods damaged in transit as the pallet racks keeps everything secure and in one place. This also hopefully prevents anything falling on one of your employees when a delivery van arrives. As profit margins are very tight in the world of commercial clothing and similar operations the more you can do to cut costs without affecting the quality of the final product the better.

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On the subject of cutting costs, It is possible to purchase used or second hand pallet racks and the accompanying accessories but you need to buy from a reputable source. You do not want to risk being sued for damaged goods or worse death or serious injury to your employees caused by these shelf units collapsing. You should always follow all the safety procedures to the letter of the law in order to avoid being charged with criminal negligence or other offences. You also want to keep your insurance premiums at affordable levels in order to keep your profit margins as high as possible in these difficult financial times.

If you own or rent space in a warehouse, your aim will be to use this as efficiently as possible in order to keep profits up and costs down. Pallet rack shelving helps to achieve this aim as it is designed to make the maximum use of the space while also allowing you to easily see what is stored on each level. You will usually have a skilled forklift or pallet truck operator move pallets on and off the shelving to avoid damaging the structure or the goods contained on the pallet.

Industrial pallet racking is made by a number of companies including Unarco, Thomasnet and Frazier. The pallet rack load capacity will be dictated by these manufacturers depending on what materials have been used to construct the shelving as well as the dimensions of the product. You can normally buy standard sizes but if you have an awkward space to fill you can buy custom made pallet rack shelving if required.

It is often funny to see that despite the advances in technology and the positive impact this has had on the manufacturing world, most warehouses today are using a pallet rack shelving system that has been in operation for over 100 years. Well if it isn’t broken why fix it?

Heavy duty shelves are often found in garden sheds and garages in domestic homes as well as being used in industrial settings. We use a lot of shelving in our home to organize our belongings or to display pretty ornaments but they tend to be lightweight units. If you love reading and have a lot of books you may have a number of bookcases in your home. Heavy duty bookshelves are often used in older period homes that traditionally have been furnished with antique or reproduction furniture.

Sometimes modern storage solutions can be a little flimsy and while they may appear cheap they often end up costing more money than heavy duty shelves. Your belongings get damaged if the shelves fall down or they crack and split requiring you to replace them.

Where can you use heavy duty shelves?

Heavy duty wire shelves are often used in the garage. You can either buy them in free standing units or those that are attached to the wall. If attaching to a wall you need to make sure you use the proper bolts and screws or it will fall down. If you have young children and are storing chemicals and other hazardous materials you would probably want to select a cabinet type unit with lockable doors. Garages aren’t generally a place for children to play in but as anyone with kids knows they often go where they shouldn’t so extra precautions are needed.

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You can buy heavy duty plastic shelves which tend to be less expensive than wooden ones but are often just as good. You are looking to achieve an organized storage space in your garage or garden shed rather than win decorating awards so it pays to use your cash wisely. While shopping you may want to invest in a number of plastic storage containers as well as not everything needs to be stored on a shelf. You could consider stocking seasonal items such as snow boots etc into boxes as they are not needed all year round.

What about heavy duty floating shelves?

If space is a little cramped you could look at installing heavy duty floating shelves to take advantage of the space near the ceiling which will go unused otherwise. People often think that installing this type of shelf is difficult but the floating description just means that you can’t see the support. Before you start on this project you need to check your garage or garden shed walls are capable of sustaining the weight not only of the shelves but also their contents.

You can find great deals on heavy duty wall shelves at your local store or by shopping online. Always buy from a recognized retailer and check when their sales times are on. Given these products will last a lifetime you need to factor this into the cost. Don’t just compare the prices of new products. With the current trend for modern furniture you can often find great bargains on heavy duty shelves and bookcases in backyard sales or at outlet centers. If buying wood check any pieces for damage and woodworm. You do not want to bring this pest into your home. Always clean any second hand items thoroughly before using.

Everyone’s home could benefit from being decluttered at least once or twice a year. All too often clearing your home means that the garage and garden shed become cluttered in the process. Having a good storage system whether it involves heavy duty shelves or not is always a good idea. There is nothing so off putting when you are about to do some DIY is not being able to find the right tools. Now you will have no excuses!