Wire Rack Shelving is very popular in the modern home. How many times have you entered someone’s kitchen to find a wine rack displayed on their kitchen counter? As any wine connoisseur knows you should never store wine standing up but lying down. You can buy 5 tier wire wine storage kits and make a wine rack shelf yourself if you wish. The easy option to buy a readymade one on sale either online or from your local store.

What is wire rack shelving used for?

Wine racks are not the only useful accessory made from wire mesh. You can now find very innovative products that make the best use of the space available. If you visit any kitchen design showroom and open the cabinets you will see the way the space has been utilized. From spice racks to cutlery holders, these clever inventions allow you to fit a lot of stuff into even the smallest kitchen.

Wire display shelves appeal to those who don’t like wood and want something different in their home. In a hi tech apartment wood floating shelves are a little predictable so people often opt for wire mesh shelving instead. It is relatively easy to keep clean although if you are going to use in a kitchen you may want to line the shelves with liner paper. Cooking and the associated preparation can cause a lot of dust, mess and oil splatters. It is much simpler to either wipe a durable liner or discard and replace a disposable one then it is to remove shelves for cleaning. This style of shelving is usually made from stainless steel or chrome it tends to wear well. You should check that the product carries a warranty against rust and other erosion problems .

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What about wire closet shelving?

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to wooden wardrobes wire closet shelving is a great idea particularly in a kid’s bedroom. Children usually have loads of clothes as they go through so many different outfits every day so keeping them organized can prove to be a challenge. Unless you have loads of space and perhaps walk in wardrobes you probably find yourself falling over items of clothing. If you live in rented accommodation you are not going to invest time and money building wardrobes.

Even if you do have built in wardrobes you can sometimes find it difficult organizing your closet. Wire shelving accessories will make this job a lot easier and you won’t have to waste any more time trying to find your favorite tie or scarf. Wire shelving has huge advantages over other types of shelves. It allows more air to circulate which helps keep sports items in better condition. It allows you to see practically at a glance what you have available to wear. The shelves will be moisture resistant so are safe from mold and other problems if you live in a humid area. Finally they can usually be totally customized to suit your needs so you get the perfect closet storage.

Wire storage racks come in a variety of different styles and sizes so if you have any awkward corners in your home and want to take advantage of this unused space you can do it using these products. You can use them for storage or for things like shoe bins.

Wire shelving is used in industrial units but it usually made from galvanized steel in order to cope with the heavier loads of goods. Wire mesh nets are also used to prevent the goods from falling from the shelves. You will find wire rack shelving in retail outlets and at the grocery store. It is cheap and cheerful but it gets the job done.

There are various shelving and storage solutions on the market so how do you know which one is right for you. The answer is probably a combination of all types as the storage needs and corresponding solution often varies from room to room.

Shelving and storage solutions for the kitchen

Your kitchen shelving storage should be predominately air tight containers. These need to be suitable for use with food and not made of materials that pests can access. Glass, non reactive metals and plastic are the most common materials used when designing kitchen storage solutions. If you are keeping food you will want the container to be air tight or preferably vacuum sealed in order to keep the contents as fresh as possible. Don’t be tempted to store things for too long though as all food stuffs have an expiry date and you do not want anyone becoming ill.

Shelving storage containers can also be used in kid’s rooms to help keep their toys tidy. If you have kids you will understand that it sometimes seems as if the toys can move of their own accord. They get everywhere and it can be a real pain trying to keep a playroom tidy. Teaching your kids to return things to their rightful places is a great lesson and will help them in their own homes later in life. This is easier to achieve when you have enough storage containers so that you can have a separate box for Lego, dinosaurs, dolls, dinky cars etc.

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Wall shelves and bookcases are not the only storage solution for a bedroom

Bedrooms also benefit from well thought out shelving and storage solutions. Wall shelves and bookcases can be used to store books and magazines. Under the bed storage containers are a great way to utilize that unused space. Spare bedding and other bulky materials can take up much needed room so it is handy to be able to put them in sealed boxes under the bed. All you have to do is vacuum the outside of the box on a regular basis to keep everything clean. Just be sure the bedding is completely dry before storing and you may want to add some lavender leaves to keep things smelling nice. If you have some spare cash you may want to consider investing in a linen box to keep at the bottom of your bed. There are some beautiful models around including antique or reproduction models.

You can find some very innovative storage solutions for your wardrobe as well. If your wardrobe is currently overflowing have a complete clear out. Get rid of those items you will never fit into again regardless of how many diets you go on. If they are in good condition donate them to a charity. Otherwise take them down to the recycling area so that they are be used again. If you have good quality clothes that you no longer wear you may want to consider arranging a swop evening with your friends. If a group of you get together to swop your unwanted but great outfits, you will have a lot of fun plus you may get a change of wardrobe without spending any money. We all need ways to make our cash go further and when you can combine this with some fun it is worth trying.

Stackable bins or boxes are suitable for use in most rooms in your home and will meet your need for storage and shelving solutions. You can use them in the garage and garden shed as well. Just don’t be tempted to store stuff that you will never use again. That is a waste of space no matter how effective the storage solution is. Learn to recycle!

Pallet rack shelving is commonly found in warehouses and other industrial settings. There isn’t much call for this size and type of shelving in the usual domestic home. As the name implies these shelves are used to store pallets full of goods. As these pallets can be very heavy the shelving is usually made of steel piping or similar materials. Another good safety feature commonly used is cast iron netting to prevent them from falling over the edge of the shelves.

Where is pallet rack shelving used?

Pallet rack shelving is used in a number of commercial operations such as the textile industry when mass producing clothing. Given the quantity of material the process uses, this will tend to be stored in the warehouse on pallets. Once it is cut and sewn into clothes, the clothes will be packed up in boxes, put back on pallets and taken back to the warehouse for onward delivery.

Industrial pallet shelving

Trucks have been outfitted using industrial pallet shelving. This achieves a couple of outcomes. It is possible to move large quantities of stock by simply having the pallet truck operator move the pallets direct from the pallet rack shelving to the truck and vice versa. This saves on a lot of packing and unpacking thus reducing costs. It is better for the environment as it cuts down on the requirement for lots of packaging. You also reduce the amount of goods damaged in transit as the pallet racks keeps everything secure and in one place. This also hopefully prevents anything falling on one of your employees when a delivery van arrives. As profit margins are very tight in the world of commercial clothing and similar operations the more you can do to cut costs without affecting the quality of the final product the better.

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On the subject of cutting costs, It is possible to purchase used or second hand pallet racks and the accompanying accessories but you need to buy from a reputable source. You do not want to risk being sued for damaged goods or worse death or serious injury to your employees caused by these shelf units collapsing. You should always follow all the safety procedures to the letter of the law in order to avoid being charged with criminal negligence or other offences. You also want to keep your insurance premiums at affordable levels in order to keep your profit margins as high as possible in these difficult financial times.

If you own or rent space in a warehouse, your aim will be to use this as efficiently as possible in order to keep profits up and costs down. Pallet rack shelving helps to achieve this aim as it is designed to make the maximum use of the space while also allowing you to easily see what is stored on each level. You will usually have a skilled forklift or pallet truck operator move pallets on and off the shelving to avoid damaging the structure or the goods contained on the pallet.

Industrial pallet racking is made by a number of companies including Unarco, Thomasnet and Frazier. The pallet rack load capacity will be dictated by these manufacturers depending on what materials have been used to construct the shelving as well as the dimensions of the product. You can normally buy standard sizes but if you have an awkward space to fill you can buy custom made pallet rack shelving if required.

It is often funny to see that despite the advances in technology and the positive impact this has had on the manufacturing world, most warehouses today are using a pallet rack shelving system that has been in operation for over 100 years. Well if it isn’t broken why fix it?

Racking and shelving are probably items you will be looking at if you have a business or are considering opening one involved in the manufacturer, storage or transport of goods. When running any type of business it is important that every aspect is tightly controlled not only to save costs but also to prevent you falling victim to thieves. As the business owner you are also accountable for what happens in your company and are responsible for the welfare and safety of your staff. This means that you have ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of their workplace and this is one thing you cannot outsource!

Is racking and shelving a waste of money?

You may think that buying the correct storage system is a waste of money but this is far from true. It is possible to buy second hand racking and shelving units although you must make sure they are suitable for what you want to use them for and that you are buying from a reputable source. You do not want all your pallets to collapse in a heap due to a malfunctioning shelving unit. This could kill employees not to mention cost you thousands in damaged stock.

Having the correct racking and shelving system in place is very important to keep costs down. There is a lot of wastage in most processing plants and some of this is accounted for by breakages and other damage sustained. If you do not have the proper storage solution in place you will sustain even greater damages. You must store heavy goods on pallets and store those pallets on proper pallet racking shelves. Your delivery trucks should be outfitted with an industrial racking system to allow ease of movement of both the raw materials and the finished product. Even if you do not make the goods but simply act as a commercial agent you do not want to lose profits because boxes of goods were destroyed due to improper storage. You should always use properly qualified pallet truck operators as well.

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Proper shelving and storage helps keep profits up and costs down.

Having the proper storage process in your warehouse will also make stock taking easier to manage. Companies that maintain very loose controls over their stock are the ones that lose the most to thieves either the professional ones or the petty thefts attributed to workers. A pallet racking system allows you to keep control of the stock taking in a very simple yet workable way. When goods are not stored on the right racking and shelving they become impossible to manage if you stock them in large quantizes.

Thieves are not the only thing to worry about. With the cost of business finance increasing you do not want to tie up more money in stock than is required. Proper stock management means that you do not have thousands of dollars of stock sitting in warehouses charging you for storage. Or worse, you shouldn’t suddenly run out of raw materials which could cause your production line to lose momentum never mind the fact at you will probably not be in a good position to negotiate a discount on purchase of replacements. Your business can make more money not only by increasing sales volumes but also by managing stock levels properly via proper stock management systems including not only your computer but also the proper racking and shelving storage system. Keep an eye on your costs at all times but not to the point where it stops you making money.

Industrial racking and shelving principles can also be applied to the domestic home. You will install shelving of some description in your home most likely to display pretty ornaments or store books. Racking and shelving units may also be found in the garage or garden shed. Always follow installation instructions and make sure that you do not place heavy items on shelves not equipped to carry them.